About DriveStyle Ltd

DriveStyle Ltd. was formed in 2017 and is the only provider of this unique driving experience designed to improve reaction times and minimize risk while increasing road awareness.

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To be the preferred provider of specialised driver training in the region.

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DriveStyle Ltd. aims to positively impact the driving capabilities of their participants and enhance their unconscious competence.

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To deliver a unique driver-training experience that allows participants to improve reaction times, learn the handling capabilities of their vehicle and to learn their own limits while maintaining composure.

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Nurturing Intuitive and Safer Drivers!

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Our Dedicated Team

At DriveStyle Ltd we are dedicated to positively influencing the driving behaviors and awareness of drivers on our nation's roads. Participants must make a conscious effort and commit themselves to being better drivers and combine learned skill with adherence to Road Traffic Laws.

Our courses take place on a closed- course thereby significantly minimizing risk. Our class size is small to facilitate greater one-on-one instruction and to allow adequate behind-the-wheel experience.

Our Instructors have been carefully selected to ensure that the right knowledge is imparted and to facilitate the development of proper vehicle control techniques.

Our Instructors have decades of driving experience and decades of motorsport experience at competitive levels in various motorsport disciplines. At DriveStyle Ltd, we pride ourselves on great participant interaction and promise to make the learning experience an enjoyable one.

Venus T Miller

Senior Instructor

Devon Bartholomew


Kyle Cassimy

Team Support

Brandon Steele

Senior Instructor